Data Products

Data packages for Falling Creek Reservoir (FCR) and Beaverdam Reservoir (BVR) are published primarily in the Environmental Data Initiative repository. The published data are updated on the annual calendar year. Provisional data since the last EDI publication are available on GitHub. They have undergone the same QAQC protocols as the prior year’s published data and are automatically updated as new data are collected and/or processed in the lab. The sensor data is available within ~1 day of collection. The metadata describing the data columns in the published data apply to the provisional data.

Both reservoirs

Biology/Chemistry/Physics: Sensored CTD depth profiler

Biology: filtered chlorophyll

Biology: phytoplankton community composition

Biology: zooplankton community composition

Chemistry: greenhouse gas diffusive fluxes

Chemistry: greenhouse gas eddy covariance

Chemistry: greenhouse gas depth profiles

Chemistry: carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus

Chemistry: iron, manganese

Chemistry: iron, manganese sensored data

Chemistry: pH

Chemistry: silica

Chemistry: sulfur

Chemistry: sediment trap

Physics: ice cover

Physics: light availability- Secchi depth & PAR profiles


Biology/Chemistry/Physics: High-frequency sensored catwalk data


Historical DO

Methane ebullition


Biology/Chemistry/Physics: High-frequency sensored platform data

Biology: Chaoborus spp. zooplankton

Tunnel Branch

Manually-collected discharge

Sensored discharge

Organic carbon loads



Model configurations for GLM-AED

Sediment core data